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Soul Companions came to be out of my love for Faranth, my first Saluki.  She came to me as a rescue on her fifth birthday.  The six years we shared changed my life and led to my work in the facilitation of companion animal grief and animal communication.  She raised my awareness of the Animal Kingdom and animal spirituality.  She was the inspiration for my first book, “Angels Who Came with Fur and Four Paws”.


My belief is that animals come to us for our learning; they come to share our journey for whatever time they have with us, be it days or years; they come to teach us, to heal us.  They are our kin.


Animals are not lesser beings.  They are sentient beings with soul, just as humans are.


They have many varying feelings just as we humans do.


They feel pain, they feel joy and sorrow, they experience hope and despair, they have memory of people who love them and those who did not, of those who treat them with respect and dignity and those who denigrate their spirit with cruelty and uncaring behaviour.


Each species has its own wisdom.  They are our friends for our life journey, sharing our path; teaching us lessons about love and life; loving us wherever we are on our path and helping to heal many lives along the way.


Very often through their physical death - their return back to Source - they teach as about our spiritual connection to them, and its continuation. 

Copyright Pamela Adams (2002)

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