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Loss & Grief.

The care of our aging animal companions has many rewards, for us and for them.


The “oldies” hold a special place in my heart.  When I look into an old dogs’ eyes I see wisdom and dignity and often gratitude.


They are indeed precious.  As they progress through their elder years, they sometimes encounter illnesses or disease which we know will ultimately bring their time, here with us, to an end.


Living through these days, weeks and months, with them is a privilege, I believe, but it also has its stresses for we, their carers and companions.


If this is your journey I offer to you and your animal companion my knowledge from personal experience and study, my support and friendship, whether it be by email, phone or personal visit, where possible.  I can also help with Flower Essences to help you deal with your emotions and feelings and also to assist your animal to make an easier transition into Spirit when the time draws near.


After the passing of your animal companion it may be necessary to share your grief with another person.  I offer to you not only my counselling experience from many years in the funeral industry but a heart that truly listens.  This is by appointment only for phone consultation. email


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