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Animal Communication

In all interspecies communications, my desire is to promote greater understanding of animals as spiritual beings.  When the animal has returned to Spirit my wish is to provide their human companions with proof that the spirit of their animal lives on in another dimension, and my hope is that this will bring comfort during their time of grieving.   Some people call it Heaven, others the Rainbow Bridge.  It doesn’t matter what terminology we use as long as we know that the relationship does not end with physical death.  Our animal friends continue to love us, as we do them, after they have left their body and so often delight in being reconnected through a communication.


With living animals, especially where behavioural issues are concerned, it is my wish to enable both parties to see from the others perspective and to counsel both on how best to resolve the issues.  It is not about getting animals to do our will.  It is about making co-habitation a pleasurable experience for both, and for we humans to understand their needs.  It is also helpful to be able to explain to the animal why some behaviours are counter-productive to their safety and well-being.


For me, communication is always about bringing a greater understanding to all.


Distance is not an issue. 98% of my work is conducted via email. For a private consultation please email me:

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